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Trauma & The Nervous System

What are the possibilities, causes, and links to nervous system disruption? How does this affect the sensory-motor processing? How does this affect emotional & behavioral regulation, executive functioning, and participation in life?


Nervous System Art, Drawing, Thomas Jeffereys, 1771
Nerves of the Human Body

The nervous system is a complex being. Sensory-motor dysfunction is directly linked to a nervous system that has experience some level or type of trauma. A memory cells associated with trauma can occur for a variety of reasons.

"Trauma isn't about what happened to us, its about the story we tell about ourselves based on what happened to us. Usually the story comes with "I'm not worthy" or something is inherently wrong with me." Rewriting our story is key. "

Fetal-Maternal Microchimerism- when the pregnant cells of the baby migrate in to the mothers bloodstream and then circle back into the baby. Cells circulate for 41 weeks. After a baby is born, these cells remain the mother's brain, tissues, bones, muscles, and skin. These cells are determine the health of one's microbiota or gut health. A baby's immune system is directly correlated with that of the mother's, from the water she drinks, the foods she eats, the perspective she has on life, and much more.

Furthermore, research has demonstrated that if


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